02 April 2020

RCI Bank and Services : update on operations and the impact of

Mindful of the health and safety of its employees, RCI Bank and Services is closely monitoring the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation and strictly applying all the measures recommended by the World Health Organization and the local health authorities in countries where it operates.

As such, the company has minimized the risks of COVID-19 propagation and exposure for employees while ensuring business continuity by implementing measures including:   

  • Mandatory teleworking effective immediately for 96% of employees in the group across the 27 countries impacted

  • The identification of vulnerable employees to ensure reinforced protection and attention

  • The identification of people working in critical functions to strengthen the resources at their disposal and assure an effective back up in order to ensure their activity

  • The postponement of non-urgent training

  • The organization of internal meetings using collaborative IT tools, such as Skype, Teams, and video calls

  • The reinforcement of disinfection and cleaning measures on the company premises

To monitor business continuity daily, RCI Bank and Services has activated all its country crisis units, which are compliant with the internal rules and the local government measures. These local crisis units report on their decisions and transmit on a daily basis the necessary information to the central decision-making crisis unit, which has been meeting regularly since 25 February.

The COVID-19 pandemic is still ongoing, and the duration of this crisis remains uncertain. The currently fast-moving changes do not allow the company to appraise the subsequent financial impact so far. The outbreak of COVID-19 will have a negative impact to varying degrees in different geographic areas.

RCI Bank and Services is fully mobilized, in particular through a comprehensive crisis management system, in order to protect the health of its employees, in close relationship with public authorities. The company looks to preserve its assets and its ability to operate, to adapt to changes in the situation, and anticipate, by appropriate measures, the return to a more normative context for its personnel, its activities and commercial demand.


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