and banking transactions

RCI Bank and Services is committed to offering the best safety and performance conditions at the best cost.

To refinance the loans granted to its customers, RCI Banque S.A. has a central treasury that borrows the funds necessary for RCI Banque Group business and places them at the disposal of each entity*.

The teams at RCI Bank and Services contribute technical expertise in the active and passive management of each Group entity, the implementation of securitization transactions, and the signature of financial contracts initiated by all Group subsidiaries.

Payments and receipts are as a majority made via electronic payment means using highly secure tools and procedures.

Since the introduction of SEPA European payment instruments, we offer our euro-zone subsidiaries the possibility of receiving reimbursements from their customers and making transfers via an internal platform.

With this shared services center, we can ensure the availability of financing. It also optimizes the cost of resources in terms of the back-office, treasury and accounting processing of transactions and in the management of financial risk and payment means.