Finance companies

Consistent with the wide variety in automobility situations, we harness our experience to help the Alliance brands offer their customers solutions matched as closely as possible to their needs.

In 1924, Louis Renault founded the company Diffusion Industrielle et Automobile par le Crédit, the aim being to offer easier access to motor transport across a broader section of the French population. Over time, our operations have diversified, to cover services, motor insurance, savings, etc., but Louis Renault’s initial commitment remains a fundamental part of our genetic code.

RCI Bank and Services is the financial services provider for the Groupe Renault brands Renault, Dacia and Renault Samsung Motors and for the Nissan Group brands Nissan, Datsun and Infiniti. We offer finance and services addressing all their customers, individuals and businesses, buying new and used cars and commercial vehicles. We cover 36 countries and contribute to growth of the Alliance brands. In 2018 we financed the purchase of 1,798,900 vehicles.

Our purpose is to serve as a strategic lever for the Alliance brands. By factoring in the specific characteristics of each brand and planning ahead for emerging automobility challenges, we partner them in their sales policies, which seek to win over new customers and earn lasting loyalty.

RCI Bank and Services partners the Alliance brands in their constant endeavor to satisfy their customers.